In case you haven't heard the news, Asana has just introduced a major update to its Project Template functionality. You can read about the new "Project Templates 2.0" ("PT 2.0") here and here in the Asana Guide.

This update does affect Flowsana. Most of the changes we had to implement to support PT 2.0 were internal, and these have now been implemented.

There are a few things that affect the use of Flowsana, however. 
  1. First and foremost, it has allowed us to finally implemented a much-requested feature: you no longer have to use the Flowsana web portal to create new Dynamic Duration workflow projects. Now you can simply create a new project in Asana from a template just as you normally would, and if that template has been previously set up as a Flowsana Dynamic Duration Workflow template, the new project you create will be automatically workflow-enabled!
  2. When creating a new Dynamic Duration workflow template, you'll need to add the 3 special Flowsana custom fields - Duration, Lag Time, and Assign To - to the template yourself. These fields will be in your organizational custom fields library - you won't have to create them from scratch - but you will have to add them to the template using the Customize > Fields area.
  3. When you create a new project in Asana, Flowsana is able to automatically detect it and include it within Flowsana. This is not the case for the new Project Templates, however; this means that if you add a new Project Template in Asana, you'll need to do a "refresh" operation at the bottom of the Create a New Workflow page in Flowsana. You'll find a new refresh option there to just specifically refresh Project Templates, which should go fairly fast.

    Note: The above changes #2 and #3 are due to limitations in Asana's initial implementation of PT 2.0. We are hopeful that Asana will be removing these limitations as they continue to work on the new Project Templates functionality.
  4. Flowsana's Dynamic Duration workflow has always been designed to work in conjunction with project templates. Having said that, we know that some users built Dynamic Duration workflows using regular projects and not templates. Previously this worked OK because templates and projects were almost identical. Now, however, the new templates are a very separate thing from projects within Asana, so you will have to use templates for your Dynamic Duration workflows. We understand this may be confusing for those who were previously just using projects; if you have any questions about making this transition, please don't hesitate to contact us at