Multiple users can be handled in two ways; choose the best fit for your scenario.

One option is to create one Flowsana account and share the login among multiple users. In this case, you'll have one list of workflows among the multiple Flowsana users, and everyone can see what workflows have been created by the whole group. When using this option, it's often good to use a role-based email address for your Flowsana login rather than a person's email address. If you need to change your existing Flowsana login email address, contact Flowsana Support.

A second option is to have each person create their own Flowsana login and thus account. In this case, each person will have their own list of workflows, and will not see workflows created by other users. Using this second option, all accounts whose login email is from the same email domain will be automatically linked together for billing purposes, so that you only need one person (i.e. account) to enter credit card information and start a Flowsana subscription. All other linked users will automatically work off of that subscription. This allows for centralized billing. (Note: if you have a Flowsana account from a different email domain but want it linked, that's no problem; just let us know and we can manually link it.) See this Help article for more details on how billing works using this option.