Flowsana’s IF-THEN Rules allow you to automate a wide variety of actions on your Asana information.


  • If you find that elements you need for your rule, such as Columns/Sections, Tags, Users, or Custom Fields, are not showing, it’s probably because they were recently added to Asana. In this case, select the appropriate “Refresh” option at the bottom of the page, then wait a few minutes until you get an email that your data has been refreshed. At that point, the element you need should appear when you go to build your rule.

  • Note that you can have any number of Rule Workflows active for a given project. Be mindful about creating multiple rules which have interactions with each other. Note that multiple rules within a project will execute in the order they were created; this order is reflected in the order that rules are listed on your My Workflows page.

  • Once you have a number of rules set up for a given project, you have the ability to duplicate all of those rules over to another project. See How to Duplicate Rules for details.
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